Soundtrack Finished, New Album Nearing Completion

The soundtrack for the film “The Deep End” is complete! Thanks so much to Aaron Hobson, writer/director/producer of this film, for asking Relic Radiation to do the music. It was a challenging and difficult process but a great learning experience and the end result was worth all the anxiety and uncertainty. The film is going to be awesome, I’ll keep posting updates about the film as I get them.

So once again the new album is now the main focus. Then it will be putting together the artwork and packaging and making it available online through Amazon and iTunes, etc. Or you could buy the album directly from this website, that feature will be available in the next update.

All of the songs are written, it’s just a matter of recording the bass, some vocals and lead guitar, mixing and experimenting with additional sounds and electronic instruments and MIDI. One thing is for sure – this will be the longest, most solid recording we have made and contain the most tracks compared to all previous Relic Radiation releases. More updates will come soon as the site continues to be worked on.

Here you can enjoy some songs from the previous two EP’s:

Soundtrack for Indie Film, And New Album Due Out Soon

As you can see the website is under construction and being upgraded into what will hopefully be an improvement over the old site.

Right now the focus is on finishing the soundtrack for an indie film which will be named and info released very soon. We’re finishing up the final track for this soundtrack. Once that is finished, the completion of the new Relic Radiation album will be the main focus and it will be finished before 2015.

Here you can enjoy some songs from the previous two EP’s: