Official Youtube Channel (New)

We now have an official Youtube channel.  Right now there isn’t much up there, except a full playlist of the new EP, with some cool animation of the album cover.  It is quite trippy.  More videos to come, like behind the scenes footage of studio time, rehearsals, just hanging out and official original music videos.

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Appearence and Interview on the Mental Candy Podcast

Mental Candy Podcast
Mental Candy Podcast

Relic Radiation appeared on Mental Candy podcast hosted by Joan Nakamoto on Wednesday, November 12th.  Located in Winnipeg, Canada, Mental Candy is an internet radio program on TMV Cafe Internet Radio! Every Wednesday night at 10 PM CST,   it offers up lots of “food for thought,”  great topics, new music, interviews & more. 

Daniel and Joan discussed the new EP, Dan’s previous touring and work with legendary Industrial artists En Esch and Mona Mur as well as industrial/thrash band Slick Idiot, and future plans to tour with them on guitar duties.

Four songs were played on the show from the new EP and then thoroughly discussed and analyzed by both artists and host.  It turned out to be a very fun and informative show, tying in Dan’s stories from the recent past of Relic Radiation and the future plans for the project, the roles of other members involved in certain Relic Radiation songs and the writing process.  Other topics discussed were musical influences, some information about the host and what she has been up to artistically, and discussions about life and maturing as human beings.  It was an enjoyable discussion on both ends, this being the second time Relic Radiation has appeared with Joan on Mental Candy, and it surely will not be the last!

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Upcoming EP Artwork Revealed (Click Here)

Art by Sarah Reinold.

A friend of mine from high school, who has always been extremely creative in various art forms, had drawn this originally with colored pencil.  You can see the original image in its entirety in Media/Art Gallery.  I was searching for a unique image to use for the next EP cover, and to inspire me musically as well.  I found it when I saw this on her facebook page when she had completed it, a few months ago and I knew I immediately wanted to use it.  I asked her permission and she offered to draw me a new piece but I wanted to use this one.  It has nothing to do with Relic Radiation or space, I just like it and think it’s awesome.  Maybe when I have a bigger budget and can mass produce CD’s quickly I will make this cover in full color, but I think it looks pretty cool photoshopped into black and white.  I am extremely grateful to Sarah Reinold for allowing me to use this image that she clearly spent a lot of time on, and am proud to have it as the cover to represent my music and my project, Relic Radiation.   I have little doubt that we will work again in a similar fashion in the near future.  The cover still needs a few minor odds and ends straightened out but that’s it for the most part.

Interview on TMV Radio

August 4, 2013 @ 1:27 PM EST

An hour long interview with Dan Simoes of Relic Radiation on TMV Cafe’s “Mental Candy” show with host Joan Nakamoto.  You can hear the podcast on iTunes for free or stream it on Windows Media Player.  The interview was a lot of fun, some of our songs were played, and we had some very interesting discussions.  Hope to be back on the show again in the near future!  And thanks to Joan for having us on.  Working on getting the interview on youtube.

Listen to the interview here, under “Mental Candy – Relic Radiation”  :

Relic Radiation to be on the TMV Cafe Podcast – July 31, 11:00 PM EST

It has been confirmed, Relic Radiation will be appearing on the TMV Cafe Podcast on Wednesday, July 31 at 11 PM EST, with host Joan Nakamoto.  Pumped and can’t wait, should be a fun podcast!  We will be talking about the current EP (available for free download here), future plans for Relic Radiation, progressive and indie music, guitars, and much more.

Links to the podcast after it has been uploaded will be up on here the next day.

Wednesday, July 31 at 11 PM EST

TMV Cafe Official Site
TMV Cafe Official Site